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  • alias: Cardcaptors
  • seen: 1-23 of 70
  • type: TV
  • grade: worthy
  • genre: magic_girl
  • people: CLAMP
  • Series state: Will watch more at some time.
  • made: 1998
  • Review created: A while ago, i'll revise it eventually.
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Note that this anime is, un, sort of being screen on American Television. It does so under the name `CardCaptors' and there is litte doubt the studios have vague hopes of it being the next `pokemon' (Sakuramon?). In any case fans of the series have been impressed that it has survived some rather drastic cutting and re-ordering with some of its charm still intact. Although the attempt to make it more action and male-centric (by emphasising Li) was regarded as both largely pathetic and futile.

Finally a Clamp (a famous all female anime/manga studio) series I like, but I can't resist saying that this is because their writing seems well suited to representing 12 year olds. We follow the trials of a young school-girl, who accidentally releases magical cards into the world, and is then charged by the beast of the seal, Cerberus (who has been reduced to a winged teddybear with attitude), with recovering them. The device of the cards means there are lots of opportunities for varied `monsters' (manifestations of the cards power), which become her abilities once captured. The spells also have personality, which makes the encounters even more varied, and not all are hostile. In addition, especially as the show progresses, there are character and story episodes without the introduction of more cards.

The characters are solid, the humor is good-natured and the animation is very clean and cute. Her companion, who films the action and designs a new costume each episode, is wonderful, as are many of the other supporting characters. There is also a streak of parody (of the magical girl genre) which is fun and is not overplayed as well as a strong shoujo influence and a good sense of character. A suprisingly agreeable watch. This anime is doubly enjoyable when watched in a group, the various elements being so well balanced and approachable. Some usenet arguments have erupted over sakura being too perfect and the show too `sweet', which some might find a valid concern, though it didn't bother me (and what else did they expect?). Of course if you don't like `clamp cute' or magical girl you'll probably need to knock this down a couple of notches.

Recently THEM became filled with fear about a quick and nasty hack job being done to bring this to American TV, which they explain in this article. I have to agree that it would be a terrible thing if it happens. They also have a preliminary review. Since that time the signs that the material will be treated fairly seem good, but nothing is final until the first episodes are aired (not that it matters for me of course). Lord Carnage calls it `above most other Magical Girl shows' in this review.


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