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Obviously anime is a labor intensive craft that requires many hands to complete it. It also takes a great degree of skill, in many areas, to make something of quality. Even so, there are some creators who through a strong sense of style, and the ability to exercise it, become worth knowing as individuals. The people have such skills that it is quite likely that if you like one of the works listed, you'll like many of the others as well.

Note that there is one proviso. This is not an exhaustive list of either people or the products those people have been involved with. That's because, well, i'm lazy and this is really just to support the anime reviews. But also because, especially in the case of voice actors, the people may have been involved, in a lesser way, in many anime productions. This section records only those whose style is clearly identifiable, and only those works in which they had a major role.

It should also be obvious that it's pretty sparse at the moment. It will take a while to fill out this section, and it will probably to continue to grow over the lifetime of the page.

Adachi, Mitsuri

Manga Creator, best known for `touch' an epic combining romance and sport.

Asamiya, Kia

A Manga author with lots of material translated into English. Probably because the art is good and the contents amenable to western comic fans. His writing skills are not held in such high esteem.


An all female studio of manga and anime creators. Distinct style and exotic subjects have made them firm fan favourites.

Daichi, Akitaroh

A rather odd creator of some rather odd, and often hilarious, anime. But given his undoubted skill and originality worth keeping an eye out for.

Fujishima, Kosuke

short version


A well respected anime studio. There material is always interesting, often very strong, and just as often a touch fragmented or variable.


A very well respected anime studio that focuses on making movies for cinematic release. They have a good number of impressive titles cementing their position.

Go Nagai

The master of the anime `Nasty', prolific and popular. He's actually a manga author, but none of that has been translated.

Megumi Hayashibara

A ridiculously talented voice actress. With such a string of major roles you have seen, and probably liked, a character who's sparkle owes a lot to her skills.

Yoko Kanno

Composer of some of the best loved anime music. While some believe her ability to be `influenced' by other materials is questionable, few doubt her talent and flexibility.


The Manga author of tales with improbably plots, shounen romance and no shortage of pretty girls...something his art is very good at expressing. Generally a sizable amount of fan service.

Carl Macek

A pioneer in selling anime for the western market. The fact that this often `required' modification of the anime leading to many fan's disliking his approach

Matsumoto, Leiji

An important figure in the development of anime, which I knew something about him other than being able to recognize his style.

Hayao Miyazaki

A senior and respected anime creator, founder of studio Ghibli, with a string of much loved titles to his name.


Makes very cool movies


I don't know enough yet.

Shirow, Masumune

It's a psuedonym for a guy who designs and draws some of the most obsessively detailed (both in appearance and science) manga there is. Sadly he's so good at it that his manga is largely on hold while he works on game design.

Takashi, Rumiko

A very prominent, popular and prolific manga author.


The other founder of Ghibli, and director of some of their most dramatic works.


An incredibly venerated manga artist seen as being the founder of the medium. Although his foray's into anime engender more varied opinions.

Yuki, Masami

A writer and manga artist, best known for his work on Patlabor


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