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Urusei Yatsura: OAV Volume no.6


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  • seen: 1 of 1
  • type: OAV
  • grade: flawed
  • people: Takahashi
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Sun Oct 22 16:27:32 EST 2000
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The last of the UY OAV tapes. These OAV tapes differ widely in quality, and intent, and thus have been seperated into multiple reviews. In this case it is in order to be able to put the boot in without having to worry about unfairly maligning its brethren. This tape contains `Ryoko's september tea party' and `memorial album' and the stories are...well...absent. These are simply examples of stitching together scenes and moments from the TV series. There's a feeble attempt to bind them into an actual story but it really doesn't work. And given that these contain disconnected scenes and characters from throughout the series you really need to have seen a lot of UY to make sense of what is going on. And if that's the case you'd almost certainly actually watch the real episode than this frankenstein job.

I've got a really low tolerance for these blatant attempts to `milk' the popularity of a much loved series without actually adding anything to it. And things such as getting to see all the UY album covers (at the end of memorial album) does not make me any more generous. I'll admit the UY energy still comes through, a tribute to the series, but in a broken fashion and effectively spoiling the original. If you're a casual UY watcher you'll almost certainly find this pointless and meaningless, if you're a fervent UY fan you'll probably hate it with a passion. In any case there's really no reason to watch this and even less to own it.

The animation is, unsurprisingly, at the level of the UY TV series. Although it does look like most of the stories are from fairly far into the series. In other words probably further than most western fans have seen. There's some original animation which is okay in the first section and painfully lame in the second. It certainly isn't interesting enough in itself to give this tape any semblance of value.


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