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This section is basically for titles that i've seen or heard of but have not reviewed (for various reasons).

  • Only seen at a glance means that while I have been lucky enough to see some it is not enough for me to risk a comment. The amount of material required is strongly dependant upon the nature of the material. In general I am willing to risk a review as soon as I think I have a `feel' for where the material is going (I also accept needing to revise reviews when I get it wrong). Thus the material being in this category could also be due to it being `confusing' or slow to develop in the episodes I have seen. This could also be taken as an indication that if you are tempted to collect this material you might also need a greater number of episodes before you're sure that it is something you are going to like. The ultimate example of this has been Key the Metal Idol which depends a lot on how the conclusion plays out. Thus even though I have seen 14 of 15 episodes I am still not sure whether I like it or can recommend it. On the other hand this also tends to indicate that the material is original, unusual and a bit more complex in that it has kept me guessing.
  • The Wanted. This is material that isn't waiting for a review, by virtue of the fact that I can't locate any. While there is some of this material I don't care so much about, there is also a percentage of material where this saddens me greatly. While I welcome corrections and extensions to all sections of this page, this is the one I really want to be proved wrong in.
  • The Waiting. I haven't seen it, but I have reason to believe that I want to. This may be from a review, a comment or perhaps even that I just like the name. When confronted by the rich mass of material that is manga and anime even the most tenuous of pointers can lead to treasure. If you believe i'm missing a great title please feel free to e-mail me. This also includes all local (Australia) commercial releases many of which are probably awful.
  • The Un-Wanted. I've seen it, but I don't care enough to write a review. This is generally because I could easily have done without seeing the material, and offer the name as advice of something to leave on the shelf. These tapes generally come about because, for the purposes of this site, if I don't know the anime i'll try to get my hands on it so I can find out. And a proportion of this are dusty old horrors or mindless hentai or not actually anime at all.

At a Glance

I've seen a bit of this, and I want to see more. However I don't yet feel I can make a valuable comment on the material. This may be because I haven't seen enough (the most common reason) or because i'm still uncertain about the material.

  • Dirty Pair (1 of 10 OAV Episdoes)
    Apparently the initial 26 episode TV season of the dirty pair was relatively unsuccessful. However their fame grew and inspired the release of a series of OAV's. Sadly DP isn't common and these are even rarer. The one episode I saw had a richer animation style and an increased focus on `silly action' but lost some of the charm of the TV series. Still, one episode is not enough to say anything useful.
  • Galaxy Express 999 TV (1st episode)
    The quite famous Leiji Matsumoto series. It still wins my award for the most shocking opening to a series as a young boy is orphaned but rescued by a strange woman. She gives him a pass to the galaxy express, which will eventually take him to a planet where he can get cyborg parts. Along the way there's lots of adventure in this (I believe) long TV series, which can be suprisingly intense at times. I doubt i'll get to see more of this.
  • Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro (1 Episode)
    Strange stuff indeed, perhaps an early Leiji Matsumoto Series? In any case it follows a normal young boy who's got a gang of goblins, his father's spirit walks around using his eye for a body and is loaded down with all sorts of ghost-busting weapons such as hair darts and anti-ghost sandals. He basically chases after other ghosts and goblins and out-freaks them. It's got some elements of horror but it's mostly action/comedy entertainment. It's also full of interesting and ultra weird monsters from Japanese folklore. Don't really expect to find more of it though.
  • Happy Lesson (1 Episode)
    Gah, I hate it...It's such an artificial foundation and really cliche characters. And the whole `harem' thing of a guy being surrounded by cute and unreasonably affectionate women has been done to death. But...sob...I liked it. Even with such a horribly tired basis the energy, comedy (with an element of parody to make fun of itself) and cute visuals make me want more. But I won't review it till I can see if the energy dies off quickly. Great theme song though.
  • Key the Metal Idol (14 of 15 Episodes)
    This is really interesting stuff. Set in the current time (or near future) it chronicals the robot key who is `orphaned' when her creator dies. She has a limited time before her systems fail. Her only hope involves the final words of her creator, who stated that if she could get 15,000 friends she would become human. A tall order for anyone, and doubly so for someone still learning how to be human. This is good quality writing and animation, but the final two episodes are movies and they combine with the fact that most of the meaning is still mysterious. The way in which the series concludes will probably determine whether or not the trip was worthwhile.
  • Melty Lancer : The Animation (2 Episodes)
    Clearly derived from some video game, but it must be a very strange game indeed. A once famous team of super-powered females are brought back as an active unit. Between their competent and deadly opponents, the conspiracies within the police and their ex-convict boss there's lots happening. Add in a lot of energetic combat action and you've got the expected high-energy, cleanly animated but fairly mysterious and confusing product these often become. Still, seems watchable enough. After all, it has a cat-girl in it...
  • Puni Puni Poemi (1 Episode)
    A follow on from Excell Saga that is even faster and sillier than its parent. The foundation might be magical girl, but the real essence is on how much parody, humor and visual comedy can be crammed into an episode. Not high on the taste or subtlety index though, and I don't know i'd want to watch more than one episode at a time.
  • Samurai Spirit (1 Episode)
    Possibly actually Samurai Spirits 2? This is obviously derived from a computer game, and has the weirdly costumed exotic characters and attractive animation expected of such a thing. The power level looks to be high, the dialog and complexity low. The action was ok, but not enough to make up for the lack of substance. Still, how much can be certain from one episode? On the other hand i've got a serious suspicion there only is one...
  • Steel Angel Kurumi 2 (2 Episodes)
    Clearly the fans wanted more. Kurumi, and the other steel angels return as cute as ever. It seems she's been in storage and now there's a whole new generation to have fun with. Although the surprise this time is that Kurumi's new master is a quite mousey girl. Seemed reasonably cute and fun, but certainly nothing terribly special so far.
  • Wild Arms (2 Episodes)
    Looks a lot like a video game conversion in that it's full of strongly personalised characters and action. Watchable enough but didn't seem terribly special. The environment is a wild west environment but full of strange technology suggesting an odd history. The lead is (or was) a legendary gun slinger but seems to have been reborn as a really annoyed child.

The Wanted

Being an anime fan has its disadvantages. The channels by which tapes arrive at my hot little hands are mysterious, erratic and wholly outside of my control. This is true for many anime fans, but even more acute for an Australian. It is multiplied because for many tapes I only want to watch it in order to generate a review (perhaps even to warn people off!) thus I am not willing to pay large amounts of money to acquire all of the tapes I would like to see. Thus this category includes all the material that is not available to me, despite my wishes. There are several sub-categories however.

If the entry is in red it means I really want to see it but don't believe it exists in anything but the native Japanese. And for some of the historical stuff perhaps not even that. Thus no matter how much money, time or access I have this material will remain only a desire. I welcome corrections, whether factual or because the material has become available in some form.

If the entry is in dull red then it means that I believe the material exists but I have never seen it. This might include material released by a company that has gone bankrupt, stuff that has been fansubbed but has no distributors or even stuff that has been fansubbed but I don't care enough to pay simply for the opportunity to review it. I welcome e-mail giving fansub distributors for these titles, and any other Australians willing to consider splitting the cost of bringing the titles to Australia.

The remainder of the material, ie. entries without colored font, are not available to me but I don't care so much. Thus they may be non-existant, or simply not available, but I am unwilling to invest too much energy to find out for sure. In any case they are not easily available to me, and I have no particular reason to mind that fact. I welcome e-mail informing me of a title in the sub-category that i must see so I can consider putting more effort into the search.

  • Brother, Dear Brother (Oniisama E) (Episode 8+)
    The Electric girls have completed a lot more of this dark, poisonous shoujo series. However the first 8 episodes seem to have scared people off. I've heard it degrades in quality, but i'd love to confirm that for myself.
  • Doreamon TV
    There is still so much merchandise sold from this series, but finding tapes of the anime appears to be impossible. Mind you it is ancient, and is a kids series, so perhaps only historians still care.
  • Hime-Chan's Ribbon (Episode 12+)
    I have a review for this title, and I know the fan-sub has been completed. However I seem to be about the only Australian Hime-Chan fan, and even then not enough so to put down all the money required to get this from America.
  • Minky Momo TV (2 Seasons)
    A magical girl series that a lot of mahou shoujo afficianadoes still talk about. Sadly it appears that no fan-subber was ambitious enough to take on the task of two 62 episode TV series. The two OAV's have been fansubbed, and supposedly a movie has been commerically dubbed(?) but they are also quite rare. I also believe this was shown on (spanish?) tv as Magical Princess Gigi but I have never heard of those tapes being in circulation.
  • Nuku Nuku Dash! (Episode 5+)
    This is such a disappointing sequel to the original OAV's that even the fansubbers seemed to lose interest after four episodes. Still, i'd like to see more, if only to confirm that it doesn't get better.
  • Yawara (Episode 16+)
    Yawara is a pretty long series, and it appears that the fan-subbers were not quite up to the challenge. Sadly it is also a really enjoyable story, so it is sort of shame that it is only beginning when the experience ends. Even with this limitation the 16 episodes, which I have reviewed, are worth watching. I was recently informed by musbachgj that Kodocha anime has subbed 1-37 and the ending special.

The Waiting

My ambition is to see every anime there is. The first step in doing so (yes, I know it is impossible) is to gather a list of anime titles. Suprisingly, especially for a western fan, even finding a list of what anime titles there are is suprisingly difficult. Thus these names have come from all sorts of sources. Certainly books like the Anime Movie Guide have been good but so has the Web and Usenet (rec.arts.anime.misc). Likewise if you know of a title that doesn't exist on this page, or an error in the titles listed, please feel very free to mail me.

  • 8 Man After (Movie) Local Release
  • Adventure Kid (?) Local Release - R rated?
  • Antique Heart (Thanks JH)
  • Astro Boy (TV Series) Local Release - I don't wanna see it :(
  • Battle Arena Toshinden (?) Local Release - bet it sucks
  • Blazing Transfer Student (Thanks JH)
  • Call Me Tonight (Thanks JH)
  • Cat's Eye (Thanks JH, Good)
  • Cipher (Thanks JH, bad) - Music video animation.
  • Cosmo Police Justy
  • Creamy Mami (?) - Sounds like a porno, but I think it is magical girl.
  • Crusher Joe (Thanks JH, Good)
  • Crying Freeman (OAV 1-6) Local Release
  • Cutey Honey Flash TV
  • Cyber City ODEO 808 (OAV 1-3) Local Release
  • Dairuggar XV (Thanks JH)
  • Doomed Megalopolis (OAV 1-4) Local Release - Doomed?
  • Dr. Slump (Thanks JH, Good)
  • Dragon Century (Thanks JH)
  • Dragon's Heaven (Thanks JH, Good) - Moebius style.
  • Dragonball Z (TV Series) Local Release
  • Dream Hunter REM (Thanks JH)
  • El Hazard (OAV #2) Local Release - it's not all bad
  • Esper Xenon (Thanks JH)
  • Every Day is Sunday (Thanks JH)
  • Eye's of Mars (?) - Rare?
  • Fairy Princess Gigi - English title for Minky Momo Movie?
  • Fruit Basket - new shoujo title (Thanks LTY)
  • Future Boy Conan
  • Galactic Pirates (?) Local Release
  • Gensoumaden Saiyuki
  • Gigolo, The (Movie) Local Release - if not violence then sex
  • Goku - Midnight Eye (OAV 1-2) Local Release
  • Golgo 13, The professional (Movie) Local Release, famously bad?
  • Gravitation
  • Greed (Thanks JH)
  • Grey: Digital Target (Thanks JH, Good)
  • Guy (?) Local Release
  • H2 - a pre-touch adachi baseball anime
  • Hakkenden, The (Movie?) Local Release
  • Harmageddon (Thanks JH, Bad)
  • Heart of Thomas - `classic' yaoi.
  • Infinite Ryvius
  • Ippatsu Kikimusume (Thanks Arsen)
  • Judge (Movie) Local Release - Have seen bad reviews
  • Junk Boy (?) Local Release
  • Kizuobito (Thanks JH), even the name sounds obscure.
  • Ladius
  • Leda : Adventure of Yohko (Thanks JH)
  • Legend of Galactic Heroes - An epic space opera?
  • Legend of the 4 Kings (OAV 1-12) Local Release
  • Lensman (?) Local Release - Dated oldie?
  • Like the Clouds, Like the Wind (Movie)
  • Little Nemo
  • Macross: Do You Remember Love? (?) Local Release - the dub is horrific.
  • Macross II (?) Local Release
  • Magical Twilight - The quest for non-awful hentai
  • Mamotte Shugogetten OAV
  • Manie Manie (Thanks JH)
  • Mortal Combat (?) Local Release - Near Guaranteed Crap
  • New Dominion Tank Police (OAV 1-10) Local Release - Ok?
  • Night on the Galactic Railroad (Thanks JH, good)
  • Pia Carrot - No idea.
  • Project A-ko (OAV 1-6) Local Release - believed bad
  • Putnam Love (Thanks JH)
  • Radio City Fantasy (Thanks JH)
  • Ranma 1/2 TV
  • Riding Bean - Local relase, should be fun.
  • Robotech, Local release, 10 Vols, old but cool.
  • Robotech : Macross Saga, Local Release...old
  • Robotech : Southern Cross, Local Release ... old
  • Rupan III : Goodbye Lady Liberty, Local Release, Renamed?
  • Saint Seiya (TV Series) - A popular epic?
  • Sen and Chichiro of the land of the Gods. The next Miyazaki movie!
  • Sentimental Graffiti / Sentimental Journey
  • Sea Prince & the Fire Child (Old movie)
  • Shaman King - fight anime (Thanks LTY)
  • Skruyd
  • Slam Dunk - basketball anime
  • Space Adventurer Cobra, Local Release, Seriously Aged Sci-fi
  • Starblazers, Local Release, More anime history still on sale
  • Streetfighter, Local Release, Game inspired fighting anime
  • Streetfighter V, Local Release, 10 Volumes?? Kill me slowly
  • The enemies the pirates - no idea
  • Tomb of Dracula (Thanks JH)
  • Touch - Movies 2 and 3.
  • Twilight Q (Thanks JH)
  • Urban Square (Thanks JH)
  • Who's left Behind (Thanks JH)
  • Windaria - Excellent according to JH
  • Wrath of the Ninja, only heard it being mentioned, suspect an alternate name only.
  • Yamato: Farewell to, Local Release
  • Yamato: The New Voyage, Local Release
  • Yamato: Be Forever, Local Release
  • Ys (4 OAV)
  • Zetsuai 89 - Classic yaoi? (gulp).

The Un-Wanted

These are some videos i've got my hands on, but could easily have managed without. They're not reviews because I don't care enough about the title and / or only watched it partially (or in fast forward). Don't get me wrong, I don't mind fairly strong content in anime, it's an all ages medium after all, but i've little tolerance for low quality. And sadly a lot of hentai seems to sell so well that quality is not a required component.

In addition some hentai will probably end up here for unacceptable content. Since this is a difficult line to define I actually wrote up my best effort here and may refer to it when dismissing a title. Any feedback on this document would be welcome, but no one seems to mind/care so far. And it has the advantage of making reviewing much easier.

The main point of this section is so that if someone gives you a random title you'll have some idea of what it is, and thus whether you care enough to get a viewing. You might well find that you disagree with me on some of these... that's fine, these are only hints and not serious reviews. If you think i've really missed the point feel free to e-mail me with your best arguments.

  • Konai Shasei (Campus Fantasy)
    U-Jin demonstrates his `talents' in this sad and pervy piece of hentai product. 3 short story-ette's with little explicit porn but full of desperate infantile sexual fantasies. The tape is bulked out with a hentai karaoake section (the mind boggles - thankfully untranslated) and live action of some Japanese woman swanning around in her swimsuit or underwear. Very, very sad indeed.
  • Legend of Zelda, The
    13 episodes of animation derived from the Nintendo game, quite possibly the foundation of all computer role playing games. It might be animated, the source might be a Japanese creation, but it looks like the production is entirely American. It looked okay, although the language was a touch painful, but it's not anime so it doesn't belong on this page.
  • Tokyo : The Last Megalopolis
    An unfortunate part of being a reviewer is that when you see a tape being disposed of, with a title you don't know, you can't resist the urge to view it. In this case the tape was a `manga video' release and without cover, but I thought it could be interesting. In fact it turned out to be an excellent example of why I like anime...because Japanese live action (like this title) is very, very dodgy indeed. I know some fans of weird like this sort of thing, but for an anime fan it's a terrible disappointment.
  • Wake up! Aria
    Terrible hentai that tries to profit on erotica by perversion. 5 young girls at a school for talented musicians discover it's actually a front so space aliens can rape the life-force out of young girls. It's really dismal in concept and execution and should be actively avoided. And in this case even those who adore hentai will find the quality rock-bottom.


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