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  • seen: 1-4 of 4
  • type: manga
  • grade: exemplary
  • people: Ghibli Miyazaki
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    • This title is a personal favourite.
  • made: 1982
  • Review created: A while ago, i'll revise it eventually.
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If this isn't one of the greatest manga's ever written then it is certainly one of the finalists. I've read this many times and am still amazed that such a rich and epic story can be fitted into such a small number of volumes. Read my review for the Nausicaa movie, should be above, and then imagine a world ten times as rich. The characters are more complex, we get to know them better and there are a lot more. The world is explored in loving detail and we get to wander all over it. The design of everything, from crockery, to politics to the insects themselves is awe inspiring in the depth of detail. Add to this the fact that Miyazaki's art style is wonderful, with a good eye for character and atmosphere and a cinematic grasp of action which he is actually able to use in the manga medium. Indeed this Nausicaa is even tougher than the anime one, when required, and there are a lot of really good action scenes. The story is so epic, deep and complex, that once you finish it the anime looks almost like a very shallow reproduction of a tiny portion of the content of this product. If you have ever considered buying a manga then this should be on the top of your list. While I hate Viz for a lot of things I thank them for translating this (and seemingly doing a good job) and making if affordably available. Summary, get your hands on this manga, it really is that good.

There is a Series Page at Viz.


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