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  • type: OAV
  • grade: flawed
  • people: Go-Nagai
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    • This title may offend the sensitive.
  • genre: hentai
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Wed Jan 10 01:15:07 EST 2001
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It'll only take a paragraph to review this one. This anime is another Go Nagai piece proving that if he didn't have a disturbed child-hood he's getting very good at imitating the effects of one. In this anime he combines smut, violence, humor (cough) and mythology to produce a tangled mess that no one in their right mind will bother with. As a result there is absolutely no reason to read any further...

Unless you're cruel of course, and want to force me to give more details. First i've got to say that the story doesn't really exist, it's simply a vehicle for all Go Nagai's familiar obsessions and perversions to be visited again. In particular we begin with a perverted little loser who is happily stalking a girl, drooling in a delightfully appealing manner, when he gets beaten, chased and beaten again by a street gang. He escapes them in a video shop, and while he's there pockets a sex-video for later. While dancing around masturbating he manages to get just the right sequence of moves with his penis to summon two demons. This neatly demonstrates the quality of this OVA and should make some regret continuing to read.

For those whose brains haven't overloaded let me continue. One of the demons is a huge thug with a bazooka, the other is a naked female devil type. Naturally they grant him power, and try to turn him evil. However, this is a Go Nagai `comedy', so their evil powers can only be used for smut or cartoon violence. Although I guess I should congratulate Go Nagai on finally managing to get close to making the actual Hentai he's been building up to all these years. Meanwhile the story veers wildly out of control, crossing through all sorts of scenes and themes with none of them being believable, consistent or linked. There's fragile references to deep themes, lots of smut and sexual symbols, a bit of slapstick and then it tries to get series and epic for a meaningful conclusion.

And I can't believe I bothered to try and describe it. Look, simply imagine someone leafing through Go Nagai's sketchbook. There's lots of suggestive soft-core porn, pictures of monsters, gang violence and drooling teen losers who are obviously stand-in's for Go Nagai himself. Someone has then invented a story, which sounds deep but isn't, to link all the bits together. And then added a touch of humor and parody as if to say `we're not taking it seriously either'. It's chaotic, it's cheap and it incredibly low-brow. Mind you, for the serious Go Nagai fan (and yes, I know there's at least one) this all counts in it's favor. And I guess there is a sort of energy from its lack of structure or taste. But, really, in the final analysis it really is a load of rubbish.

The production itself is likewise cheap, and amazingly fragmented, but is actually decent enough. There's a roughness to the motion, the animation gets wild quite frequently and the design is very familiar but it's watchable enough. It clearly wasn't made on a huge budget though. The voices are lazy but energetic, sort of feels like the voice actors weren't taking it that seriously either. Since the personalities, and dialogs, are so simple and the tone so loud it certainly doesn't matter. I don't actually remember there being much music, and it certainly didn't call itself to my attention.


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