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  • seen: 1-2 of 2
  • type: OAV
  • grade: weird
  • people: Takahashi
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: A while ago, i'll revise it eventually.
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Sadly the original Minky Momo TV (2 seasons of 62 episodes) is unavailable to me, but whether it would help explain these strange OAV's is open to question. A web-page search informs me that Minky Momo is sensitive to the dreams of humanity (being from the kingdom of dreams herself) but at this point has `matured' to the extent where she has lost her powers and is not sure if she fully understands the nature of dreams anymore. This is an interesting basis for her interest in observing people and their lives, which sets the frame for this anime.

The first OAV (Yume Kakeru Hashi, "Bridge of Dreams") is a strong but quixotic tale in which the young Momo, waiting for someone, gets to experience an old bridge as a place of meetings and seperations. This is done in a sort of timeless, almost dreamlike, manner as she sees various segments from the lives of a variety of characters and also those events that affect the bridge itself.

The second OAV is more straight forward, with Momo being dragged into the memories of a train station and experiencing some of the frustrated dreams that are locked within it. There is still a sense of mystery, atmosphere but also the darker sense of tragedy. A nice touch is that this has two momo's featuring the first and second series momo together. The animation is in an older style but is high quality with detailed backgrounds. The story is mysterious and mature but may be too disconnected and nebulous for those with little tolerance for this sort of thing.

None of my usual sources have anything to say about this anime. In my searches I located an interesting analysis (albeit somewhat scattered) of the Minky Momo series at The Minky Momo home page including an effort to do translations of the original series, bravo.


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