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Oh My Goddess! Adventures of the mini-godesses Manga


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  • seen: 1 of 1
  • type: manga
  • grade: flawed
  • people: Fujishima
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Recently, but I didn't record the date.
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When I saw this slim looking volume, with the non `petite' price tag I had doubts. Given that the anime of the same name was horrible these were greatly intensified. Still, I thought, for the good of the web page (and curiosity) i'll give it a try. The volume is 88 pages in size and much less wide than a standard graphic novel. And even this is deceptive because each page carries a sizable sidebar to bulk it out. Each page hold exactly 4 panels which forms one `gag'. I won't call them stories because, well, they aren't.

The gags feature the goddesses in SD mode. Urd dominates, with skuld in a lesser amount and belldandy and keiichi almost completely absent. Various other `characters' are introduced, with many being small creatures that mini-goddesses might meet around the house. Thus worms, slugs, rats and cockroaches all fill out the cast. The strips are largely independant but often share a common theme. Thus the mini goddesses forming a band (to play to an audience of rats) occupies about half the volume. The humor is fairly basic and some knowledge of the OMG manga is probably neccessary to get any humor out of it.

The artwork is very basic and highly variable. The visual design fujishima is capable of is largely lost. The atmosphere and story is minimal, as can be expected of gag strips. I suspect that these are not `serious' releases in japan, as the feel is much like `freebies', perhaps from a magazine or sidebars to the real OMG manga. This is suggested because the content and style is very erratic. They really aren't strong enough to form an independant product, and I would have to advise against purchasing this product. I'll be generous and assume that dark horse published this to give us the `complete' OMG experience, but it is very tempting to see it as another chance to profit from the popularity of OMG.

I asked, on usenet, as to the source of this material. The posters `crow' and `Galen' confirmed that these strips are interspersed throughout the tankoubans. Apparently this is common practice to correct `odd' page counts. Thus it seems fair to consider these as somewhat less than serious releases.


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