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  • alias: Taiho Shichau Zo!
  • seen: 1-4 of 4
  • type: OAV
  • grade: worthy
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    • This title has been commercially released in Australia.
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  • people: Fujishima
  • made: unknown
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This is the first manga from Kosuke Fujishima, who went on to create the much loved `Oh My Goddess!'. While the artwork was cruder the design sense and delightful characters were still present. The story is based around bokuto police station, in which we follow various members of the traffic management group. And there are some delightful characters, and low key events, to get involved in. Not least the two female leads, the motorbike riding super strong Natsumi (who looks a lot like Megumi from OMG) and the quieter, technically competent (but total motorhead) Miyuki.

As can be seen all the familiar elements are here, interesting and competent characters, low key events to bring them out and some delightful dialog and scenes. Everything, barring the authors obvious vehicle fetish, is built around the characters. And even in such a short OAV series the cast is relatively sizable. As mentioned these are traffic cops (something the YUA movie ignored) and are not armed, drive `convenient' vehicles rather than super-cars (well, at least until Miyuki modifies them) and do not get involved in shoot outs. Thus the police stories might involve chasing down a road law violator or getting involved with the local community or in each others stories. Those who want violence and lots of action need not apply. Those who like character, dialog and a decent serving of automobile action will find this a very enjoyable ride. Also be warned that episode 1 and 2 have more auto action, while 3 and 4 are more character based although all are done with definite class. Still, while less so than OMG, the authors love for the characters, light touch and whimsical humor might cause some to find this a bit too `cute' and sweet.

This is helped by the animation, which is very classy. This OAV series has top notch production, being helped by the fact that it was produced after the OMG OAV. The character design and animation is wonderfull, both looking good and close to the Manga. The character animation and body language is detailed. The representation of automobile action is also detailed, atmospheric and exciting (and I hate cars!). Needless to say, given the authors tastes, the technical design is complex and probably accurate. The story, dialog and voices are also excellent. I saw episodes 1 and 2 dubbed, and while the dub voices are okay and the script capable, it is not the preferred form. This is because the dub script adds lots of `character' text and slang (you go girl!) which sounds dated and corny now.

Akemi's AnimeWorld, in this review, finds it similar in flavor to Oh My Goddess and typical of light romantic comedy, but likes it none the less. Lord Carnage provided me with the original title, and has a short but positive review. The fine folks at THEM like this "lighthearted buddy series" and give it four stars (one off for being too sweet?) in this review. Even the Anime Critic, normally fairly harsh on `cute' gives this one a very positive review. Note that Dark Horse has released two (slim) volumes of the Manga.


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