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  • seen: 1 of 1
  • type: OAV
  • grade: flawed
  • form: sub
  • source: kitty
  • people: Go-Nagai
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Sun Apr 1 19:03:46 EST 2001
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Another piece of Go-Nagai material that proves one thing beyond any doubt. If he's on medication, halve it, if not then get him some... because there's definitely something screwy with the guy. This one might not be as bad as some of his others, being more silly than perverse, but it's still something to avoid.


The story starts with a happy 18th birthday, although Jun is less happy about it, because her mother intends to follow the family tradition of arranging marriage on the same day. It seems that Jun is the daugher of a `noble' family, in some way, and as such she's being sought by some of the richest and most powerful families. Unfortunately the sons of these families are less than desirable specimens of humanity which compounds jun's lack of interest in the whole process.

However her mother, and in the background the shadowy figure of her grandmother, aren't about to let her go. They'll resort to any means, fair or foul, to retrieve Jun regardless of the condition in which she is returned. And the only ally Jun has is a good natured but ineffectual servant who gets dragged along for the ride. And while she initially makes good on her escape eventually she is forced to return and seek a final conclusion to the problems in this very unusual family.


Sounds very normal? Well, please apply a liberal dose of Go-Nagai weird-o-vision to the equation. To start with Jun has the body of a pro-wrestler with the head of sailor moon (although it `normals' out later in the program) wears a metal leotard and is a master of wrestling moves. Her mother is a monstrously large woman with a fairly masculine appearance and a gold leotard. And the final resolution of the story looks more like a wrestling match than anything else.

Jun's escape is largely possible because she beats up the house `ninja' who try to stop her. And her mother's response is to hire a bunch of mercenary goons to stop her. They had some stupid name but I forget what it was. In any case this is the hentai component, as their payment is sex with the servants and Jun's virginity. And while they're monstrous there's a strange `comedy' element because each has a `totem' instead of genitalia. For example one's got a turtle, one a drill-bit (useful for metal leotards), another a swan (which quacks) and another an alien. The fight and attempt to rape Jun. It's a small part hentai and a large part silly in a very negative way. I just can't believe I wasted half an hour of my life on this trash.

On the positive side it does have more story, and even character, than your average Go-Nagai flick. It even has one or two `decent' males in it, and Jun herself is not unlikable as a character. And for Go-Nagai that's quite an achievement. The other cool thing is it is going to really annoy hentai fans. While there's violence there is no gore. And while there are some sexual perversions they're actually very minor. As a result anyone who bought this as a hentai title (it is released on a hentai label) is going to be left unsatisfied (and isn't that too bad). But ultimately it's just too silly to bother with.

The animation itself is pretty poor. The detail is low and the character designs often look strange (although not for `normal' characters). The action is even worse, still frames and lots of very choppy motion in addition to not being very exciting. It's average at best, and not enough reason to see this tape. The writing is fairly simple and the humor is basic at best. The voices are suprisingly decent and music is largely absent.

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  • Anime Review review Apparently the anime review got such a terrible shock from seeing a Go-nagai piece that didn't suck that he's given it a fairly positive review. I think he's wrong though, I doubt Go-nagai fans are going to be positive about this one (3/5).


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