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Wings of Honneamise, The


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  • alias: Oneamise no Tsubasa
  • type: movie
  • grade: worthy
  • people: Gainax
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  • made: 1987
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The first gainax film and a fairly impressive achievement. Even so, it took me quite a while to convert this review from a placeholder to something more complete. The story follows the development of the `royal space force'. If you started thinking about glorious adventure and `right stuff' guys forget it. The space force is widely regarded as a waste or an impossibility, it's members as bums and its technical people as hobbyists. The political pressure is on to close the project down, or perhaps use it as a political pawn only. Amongst this one of the members of the force, depressed by the seeming lack of purpose of it all, is attracted to a young female trying to spread god's words on the street. It is unclear whether he is attracted to her, or to her conviction, but he finds that her faith strangely infectious. Infectious enough to make him volunteer, to the schock and horror of the rest, for the royal space forces last ditch effort to make a rocket that doesn't explode on the launch pad.

The story has a generally slow pace but is strong and believable. There are some action scenes and the animation of these, and human movement, is simply amazing. This is master level animation. Even so, the animation is almost eclipsed by the astounding level of technical detail and animation in the film. Politics, culture, environments, domestic items but especially the mechanics of space flight are invented and animated with immense care and attention to detail. You almost get the feeling gainax built half of this stuff just to animate it right. As a result if you have any interest in the engines of space flight, and how people acheive such a complex task, then you need to see this film. I also saw the dub version, and the voices seem pretty good and even very fitting to the atmosphere of the film.

The well known american movie critic Roget Ebert, has a Review of this title. I thougt I would be alone, but THEM also have some issues with the film in this review although primarily with pacing and plot. No such doubts for Akemi's AnimeWorld who find the slower pacing gives time for a richer experience, and adore the `subtlety' of the scenes and characters. Their review is also both long and deep, and to my mind indicative of those capable and generous enough to fill in the blanks gainax left. The Anime Critic puts the boot in to this `slow' movie in this review suggesting that only those who find the `space race' element interesting will enjoy it. The normally sedate (hah!) Lord Carnage is out of his seat and cheering for this `masterpiece' in this review he also mentions a dub version called `star-quest' to beware of, sounds intriguing.


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