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The first fruits of my discovery that manga translations exist on the internet. And what did I learn? I learnt that the DNA^2 manga is far superior to either of the anime produced. The story is similar in both, a modern day youth contains an amazing genetic potential, to be irresistable to women. Great for him, but less popular in a future battling with an over-population problem due to him and his descendants. And thus an operator is sent from the future to modify his DNA and change the future. But changing the future is a risky business even if everything goes right (which it doesn't), the DNA modification causes no side effects (and it does) and no outside forces, with their own nefarious plans, are interfering (which they are). And in addition, being a Masakazu Katsura manga expect a number of very attractive drawings of very attractive women.

It is hard to express just how superior to the anime this material is. The first DNA^2 anime series largely focused exclusively on the women, with some of the action from the book to conclude. The OAV series took even more liberties, even though it is (weakly) derived from the manga conclusion. But the manga itself is much better balanced and far more logical as a story. In addition it has far more action woven into the story which is both enjoyable in itself and drives the story along. The action is central to the story, while at the same time being an expression of Junta's (the male hero (sort of)) battle with his own potential and destiny. The characters are great, and far more competent and logical than in the anime, which really brings out Karin (the DNA operator) as a fully fledged character. Mind you it must be said that this is still at the `fun' end of the spectrum, not really attempting to be too deep, but it is done with such skill and style that reading should not be too painful.

If you've seen any Masakazu Katsura manga, and several have been translated into english, you know what to expect. He has a very clean and attractive style as well as interesting design. His backgrounds are detailed and artistic, he can convey humor and he is a master of expression and young girls looking very, very cute. You can't mistake this for shoujo though, there's quite a lot of fan service, situations in which females are in danger (although all are rescued) and action to keep the viewer going. It could be said that his style is sometimes a bit lifeless, with limited linework and lots of zip-tone, but this is only going to bother the most critical.


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