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Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy


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  • type: movie
  • grade: watchable
  • made: 1990
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I was actually quite disappointed when I saw the dirty pair movie "Project Eden" held by its many fervent fans to be the best Dirty Pair movie. Thus I was quite pleased to find that this movie, despite my low expectations, was much more to my taste. The movie begins with some sort of confrontation on a shuttle. It seems that shadowy forces are putting innocent lives at risk. The main computer of the 3WA (the interplanetary trouble shooting organisation) decides, much to the directors horror, that this is a job for Kei and Yuri, the (in)famous dirty pair. Sure they might leave an immense body count, and damage bill, and not take things seriously all the time but they do get results. And this case needs some work before things become clear and the dirty pair can take out the trash.

I like's got plot and its got character. For a change we actually get to see some identity from the girls. And the serious plot, and rather lethal forces arranged against them, also give us the chance to see that they are capable of competence when things get tough. Of course this means it is a bit more realistic, and significantly more bloody, than some of the other films, which is fine with me. It also lets another aspect of the pair come out, that they are capable of the detective work needed to provide the `meat' of the movie. This is in addition to their unparalled ability to `solve' the problem once the facts are known. And some of the combat in this is very nicely done, with their ability to plan and act intelligently making it all seem more believable. This is well supported by some quite nice dialog, a largely reasonable plot and the emergence of their pet mughi as an actual character (and a good one at that). There's some minor plot holes, and one quite touching but fairly illogical scene, but it all hangs together quite nicely. Of course if you like Dirty Pair for a bit of dumb fun, with girls in bikini's shooting things, you may hold different opinions.

The animation isn't that new, although this is mostly observable in that the `style' seems a bit older. In other words the animation has aged well and is still pleasant to watch. The girls outfits are still a tad aggressive, but because it isn't overplayed it doesn't seem as much of a problem. The suggestions of a well developed universe outside of the plot, and the role of the 3WA within it is excellent. Indeed the technical design, and its animation both statically and during the action, is really good. Likewise the action sequences themselves are not as frantic as some other dirty pair samples but are very enjoyable to watch and quite complex in their execution. I watched a dub, by the much reviled Carl Macek, and after a while it didn't bother me at all. In other words it is acceptable. All round a skilled production which exceeds all other dirty pair manifestations I have seen.

The THEM web site has a review which leaves me a touch confused. They like the movie, but give it an average rating. They criticise the valley girl accents but like the dub. They call the girls inept, and the pictures are not from this movie. Still, while perhaps requiring a sprinkle of salt the review offers some interesting views. It's also important because it's the only review from my regular sources.


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