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This anime upset me, and not because the lead characters are two gay detectives, nor the sight of homosexual affection, that I can cope with (fairly) easily. What got me was that it's a murder mystery, and I hate those. Which is a shame, Because this is a really interesting, original and classy anime. The story concerns two american bishounen on holiday in England. One of them is attracted to the other, but uncertain about commitment. The other is very attracted to the first and very certain of what he wants. It is quite interesting to see the `lecher' type so common in anime applied to this relationship, and while there is nothing explicit shown there is a lot of humor and romance founded on this basis. Of course there are also a number of other characters to comment on and complicate what was supposed to be a quiet romantic weekend for the two. These other characters are excellent in themselves and work well to bring out the nature of the leads in some very clever dialogs and scenes. In addition there is a murder before they arrive that adds a touch of danger and mystery to the environment and allows for a reasonable conclusion. To complement the good character work and writing there is some excellent animation, both in quality and style which has an amazing sense of visual character. The voice work is likewise excellent, indeed the whole production oozes quality and charm. The only weakness is with so much character and interaction the actual base plot doesn't get that much time and thus seems sort of sudden in its conclusion.

Lord Carnage appears to run for the hills, leaving his offsider "Herself, the elf" to provide a review, she loved it but found the ending `frustrating'. Those THEM provide a wonderful review and really like this anime, giving it five stars. They also reminded me to put a `ntfs' tag on the show, not for the yaoi, but for the violence.


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