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  • seen: 1-2 of 2
  • type: OAV
  • grade: watchable
  • Other elements of this title:
    • Contains explicit sexual content.
  • dur: 60
  • form: sub
  • genre: erotica
  • source: SoftCel
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Fri Feb 23 15:50:13 EST 2001
  • mod: none

A anime i'm rather glad to see. Not so much for what it is, as that it proves that such a thing is possible. That thing being explicit, consensual, story based erotic anime.

The story is relatively familiar to anyone who's watched much anime. A senior high school student is thinking about all the complexities of life, although the most pressing concerns are all female. And, of most concern, they're not very interested in thinking about him. He's got a female with whom he's friends, but her affections are for the class romeo. He's got a male friend who's interested in his sister, but that certainly doesn't help. And then, into the picture, comes a young female student who's a friend of his sister...

There's not too much more to say without giving away the story. That's because, in a way, it's a fairly simple and almost `classical' story. It's a bit more complex than the small synopsis might suggest, with a couple of other incidents. Including the male lead refusing an offer of sex because he knows, in that situation, it's the right thing to do. Although, like a real human, there's no doubt he's tempted. It's just such a nice thing to see in an erotic video. And, while the pace has to be pretty fast to get the whole story in one episode, the progression in the relationship is mostly believable.

It should also be noted that the two episodes are largely independant of each other. The relationship in the first episode is forced to end, not through the decisions of the characters, which leaves the second episode free to cover a new story. Perhaps a bit fast, and disloyal, but more truly a reflection of the short running time. In all cases the characters, and the dialog and interaction is quite reasonable. The portrayal of sex is not particularly explicit, basically softcore, but the environment and the character makes it far more erotic and satisfying. It's a bit of a worry that nobody seems too concerned about birth control, but I guess that's not considered very romantic. Note that those who want only sex will be disappointed by the amount of time spent on building up the relationship.

The production of the anime is a bit basic at first but improves over time. The coloring is bright and somewhat shoujo styled but the flat linework and basic character designs are somewhat disappointing. Motion and animation is without flash but quite reasonable, and the characters ability to express emotion is quite good. The voices are quite reasonable and I don't remember the music being anything special.

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