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  • seen: 1-3 of 3
  • type: OAV
  • grade: worthy
  • made: 1992
  • Review created: Recently, but I didn't record the date.
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Wow, what a suprise this older anime proved to be. Because it is simply so interesting, original and ambitious that I feel obliged to champion it. The story is set far in the future where a global catastrophe has reduced civilisation to a far more primitive state, although many relics and technologies have been retained. In addition the war continues still, with insane automated soldiers roaming the wilds, while `battleloids', intelligent warrior robots are the only one's capable of defending the remnants of humanity. In particular a lone battleloid, last survivor of a battle, still faithfully follows his last order to defend that area, though only a human boy he has adopted lives there still. In order to pass the time he has trained this boy in the arts of war, and it may prove, as old legends rise again and destruction looms once more, that the boy has a part to play in the future.

At least, you might think that if he wasn't so goofy. The guys training isn't finished, his hearts in the right place but he doesn't think things out properly and a lifetime with a battleloid for company hasn't given him many social skills. It's the old eager novice venturing onto the world stage bit, and it still has dramatic pull. Indeed it couldn't help forcefully reminding me of Luke Skywalker. In addition the whole atmosphere to this piece is cool, while the setting is post apocalyptic the environment is high tech and the atmosphere is pure arthurian high fantasy. In this innovative technology knights (battleloids) ride on horses (mechanical) while pursuing the requirements of honor and protecting the common folk. Monsters, while mechanical, still lurk in the shadows although it appears evil is gathering them to its negarious purpose. In this realm even magic exists in the form of strange super technological rituals (with, sadly, really corny invocations). The party assembled is truly classical, a cynical mage, an older tired knight, a novice warrior and (took me a while to get it) and archer/rogue romantic interest. And what's more it (mostly) works, coupled with a truly classic story of bravery, sacrifice and putting the old smite action down on some evil. The conclusion feels a little bit rushed, but feels strangely `right'. This series is definitely worth a watch, but finding it may not be easy.

Of course it is old, so the animation is looking a bit dated. In addition it seemed to me to be a bit variable, with some of the `stages' having a different look and feel. However the expected complex backgrounds, simple characters and blocky color are all there, although some of the mecha are suprisingly complex. This is probably to show off the very impressive technical design. There's a lot of thought, and a seeming urge to do familiar things a bit differently, that gives your eyes many things to feast on. The action is quite impressive, but definitely breaks down on some of the larger scenes. The dub is also a bit variable, especially for `itai' the hero, although I did like Zaxxon (although it kept reminding me of the ancient arcade game), still survivable. The music also tries to be different, and is interesting, but has the familiar synthy sound that many may dislike. It does fit the mood though.

I thought this was a well established classic and so was suprised to find no reviews on my sources. Even worse anipike lists only a single web site, which is nothing more than four (admittedly nice) images. Since then the Anime Review has put up a positive review which mentions the difference in quality of the episodes.


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