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I suspect this is a small slice from a much loved manga cycle, which I know nothing about, so any comments are liable to be dangerous. This anime has the energy of the `dumb fun' type but is a bit richer and more complex than I expected. The story starts up immediately, leaving those new to these characters to follow as best they can. Apparently this version of now is troubled by phantom cats, creatures with the nature of cats and various magical powers, including the ability to turn into humans. There also exists a police group called the `hounds' to fight their evil ways. Into the middle comes a private security company with the very familiar, but quite fun `strange female' group, a single male and his `pet' who is a young phantom cat-girl. The story follows a strange conspiracy which draws this erratic and aggressive company straight into the middle of a four way conflict.

Of course as soon as I saw the `all female oddball' group I got a sinking feeling. You've got all the archetypes here, trigger happy mercenary type, computer operator, hyperactive boss, slothful driver but they are all competently rendered. Of course the quiet catgirl, and a competent male, are pleasant irregularities in this formula. On the other hand the world is pretty interesting and seems to have a lot of detail in it. The story is actually both good fun while having elements of mystery and conspiracy. The dialog gives a good sense of character and is tightly written, with a reasonable serving of humor. The action is present in big quantities, well staged and actually good fun to watch. All in all it is a very competent production.

It doesn't come anywhere near being deep, and the action is at the impressive end of the spectrum rather than being believable, but it is not a bad balance. The production qualities are quite solid, being bright and competent. There is some fan-service, but it does not steal the focus and thus can be ignored (or enjoyed) as preference dictates. World, and technology, design are solid and well brought out in the anime. So, while this may be a richer experience for those who know the manga, it is a pleasant watch regardless.


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