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Hyper Dolls


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  • seen: 1-2 of 2
  • type: OAV
  • grade: watchable
  • genre: dumb_fun
  • made: 1995
  • Review created: Original date unknown.
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Hyperdolls...what a title. Does it make you think of under-dressed, over powered anime schoolgirls saving the day? Well, if it did you both got it right and have obviously watched enough anime to know what to expect here.

Then again, it's not as bad as you might fear. While it's not nearly original enough to suprise it is skilled enough to amuse. The first hint of this is in the opening, where a voice over sings the praises of the super-powered alien hyper-dolls who risk their life fighting for justice. Meanwhile the two hyper dolls, in their cute school girl secret identities, make sarcastic comments while one falls asleep at her desk and the other gets her walkman ready. It turns out that these two are less than enthusiastic about the whole gig, take a very relaxed approach to being earth's guardians and have absorbed way too much of the `teenage schoolgirl' attitude. They actually have a degree of personality and attitude.

An interesting example being when they are discovered by a male schoolmate. They playfully discuss how to kill him, and continue to tease him and play with his mind. Since he's not sure whether they're serious this makes his life quite interesting, especially in regards to his female friend who suspects the two of being the hyperdolls (theoretically putting her life in danger). In addition he takes the `guardian of the earth' bit much more seriously than they do. Even the monsters themselves have overblown, but sort of fun, personalities. It's pretty dumb, but it does have a certain sense of style, personality and fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously at least.

Of course at some point in time they transform into the hyperdolls. This involves a little dance routine followed by awesomely powerful satellites generating an immense energy beam. Although all this seems to achieve is changing their outfits to the incredibly minimal hyper-doll outfits. While looking cute they fly around blasting the enemy (and any city that gets in the way) and using one named move after another. Once again, dumb and predictable but not too offensive. Then again the excessive flesh and nude transform makes you aware of who the market is.

The production is pretty much as you would expect as well. It's bright, colorful and cute. It's not done on too a huge budget but it's quite pleasant production and has some quite good moments, even some decent action scenes. The combat tends towards huge energy effects and mass destruction, so it's fairly limited. Actually the best fight scenes are between the hyper-dolls while they're bickering. The voices are good, as is the dialog, and the music is pure mindless pop stuff.

However, here comes a major limiter. It's light, fun and even has a touch of personality. But it's not something you're likely to treasure or watch repeatedly. Given there's only two episodes, at one episode per tape, I can't imagine actually buying this. There's some very strange live action hyper-dolls stuff at the end of each tape, but this doesn't make it better value. I don't review live action, but I will say it's a great cure to any thought that the Japanese do everything well, it's pretty dismal.


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