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  • type: OAV
  • grade: watchable
  • made: 1985
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The true test of an anime's strength is how it remains a memorable experience even as it dates. Sadly some tapes fail that test, and this is an example. Although to be honest the fact that it is probably an early dub does it no favors. The Iczer story concerns the arrival of two alien factions to our planet. One of them is amazingly powerful, mixing science so advanced it seems like magic along with bizarre biological creations. The other looks like an attractive girl in a very weird jump-suit. Guess which one is on our side. This is set in near future Earth so mankind has a couple of high tech weapons to fight the aliens, although `fight' might be too generous a word for the result. However both alien sides seem to have an interest in earth, especially a young girl called Nagisa who is dragged right into the heart of the conflict. And considering the strong horror element that runs through this anime, and the monstrous biological creatures unleashed, this is not a place you want to be.

Still, lots of impressive action (including giant robots and massive destruction) as the two sides square off. This is interwoven with some human drama from Nagisa as she adapts to events, leading up to a serious and reasonably intense conclusion. Unfortunately the dub for this anime is truly terrible, and robs a lot of impact from the story. The dub almost sounds like a parody when it tries to be intense, and is otherwise leaden and lifeless. In a similar fashion the action scenes, while still benefitting from interesting design, are less impressive by todays standards. Likewise both Nagisa and Iczer-1 look sort of weird at times, which can be disconcerting. The music is also fairly average and there's a weird synth sound (think Tron) used for foot-steps that just sounds very strange. If you could find a sub-titled version, or if you want to see the origin of the Iczer stories, or you don't mind dated animation you'll probably find this a reasonable watch, but I would seriously recommend against buying it without trying it first. Negative points for the conclusion which, although it has a certain charm, detracts from the atmosphere generated to that point.

Well, the Anime Critic gives a fairly brutal review which is not entirely undeserved. Although I really wonder how much the average dub has to do with his hating the characters.


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