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Iketeru Futari


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  • seen: 1-12
  • type: mini
  • grade: watchable
  • genre: erotica
  • source: fansub
  • form: sub
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Tue Oct 9 15:04:28 EST 2001
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Seen some of the artwork from this show? The pretty young schoolgirls putting you in the mood for some sweet romantic comedy? Well keep moving, because this aggressive and fast-moving series is a triumph of `ecchi' engineering.


Well, it's not exactly war and peace. We join the story with two barely dressed young girls hoping for an `ecchi' (think `naughty') time. And the lead male is out of his clothes and leaping for the bed before you can blink. Of course it's actually a dream, but it certainly sets the tone for the show. He also fields a call on his dad's phone in which an innocent young voice promises all sorts of `play' for the one who can bring her what she wants. This being the sort of call he intends to keep for himself.

In school before this meeting he knocks over a short, cute but somewhat aloof young student (getting a nice panty shot in the process). He's intrigued by her, but her manner is cold and the rumors about her are bad. However when he visits the site the call mentioned, and watches many middle-aged men looking for the girl on the phone, he realises that this is a game the schoolgirl plays, and becomes infatuated both with her, and the secrets she keeps.


Okay, that synopsis is accurate but doesn't actually capture the flavor very well. The first thing to mention is that the story is really just an excuse, and not a very carefully maintained one. The real essence is that this guy, while essentially good at heart, is a total teenage sex fiend. Not only does he daydream about it in class but pride, taste and subtlety will not hold him back from any opportunity that presents itself. And the authors intend for there to be lots of opportunities. This show is energetic, but not at all subtle. Lot's of panty shots, nudity and suggestive dialogue, sound and posing is the order of the day.

The clever thing is that it also neatly contains the elements to keep it a tease rather than becoming truly pornographic. While there's huge numbers of suggestive scenes there are reasons why they go no further. One element being the personality of the leads, he with a good heart and she with an alternately fragile and aggressive personality neither of which can contemplate a relationship with him. Although the fact he's a bit of a nut-case in public helps. In addition a lot of the scene's are only in his mind, are accidental, are her `teasing' him or are in the next episode preview rather than being in the show. So while the focus is almost always on sex there is little `action' per se.

It also balances the `ecchi' content with some other material. There's a number of other characters for them to play off, the leads friends, his childhood friend (with immense breasts) plus a young bishounen who lusts after the male lead and an older female who has some relationship with the female lead. They can always be relied upon for a bit of comedy, or risque dialogue, to keep the show moving along. Likewise the question of the female leads personality, and discovering her true heart and history, gives a romantic element to the story that is really not bad. And when ever things get slow the lead can do some physical comedy, such as getting beaten up by angry females, to move on to the next scene.

These two elements mean it is not really `offensive'. Because the lead female has `control', it's not misogynistic in the way a lot of these shows are. Because theres limits as to how far the sexual content goes it's not explicitly pornographic. And because it does have story, lots of comedy and some character it's not purely soft core porn. However, this doesn't change the fact that it is always strongly focused on sex, has some fairly strong ecchi content, and isn't particularly concerned with taste or sophistication. In pure terms if you want an extended soft erotic comedy / tease then this is done quite well. If you don't mind the above then you'll probably find it watchable. If you don't like the above then you probably shouldn't bother watching it, it's very focused on what it aims to present. Then again, given that these are tiny 5 minute episodes, perhaps that's a good way to do it.

In any case one disadvantage is the production, it's not overly impressive. The artwork has a soft and undetailed appearance and the characters are not particularly attractive outside of some pose shots. Considering the focus is almost entirely on female anatomy this is a bit of a shame. Likewise the motion is also pretty rough, but then it's generally used for the lead doing some super-deformed physical comedy so it doesn't matter as much. It uses overly suggestive `stills' for the next episode as a sort of `come on' which always strikes me as a touch desperate. The voices are quite decent although the music and sound was very minimal.

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