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  • alias: Apocalypse Zero
  • seen: 1-2 of 2
  • type: OAV
  • grade: burnable
  • genre: lowbrow
  • Other elements of this title:
    • This title should offend everyone.
  • made: 1996
  • Review created: Mon Nov 13 21:50:31 EST 2000
  • mod: none

This anime is a solid contender for the worst anime i've ever seen. And, as can be seen from this section, i've seen quite a lot of dodgy anime. The only joy I am going to get out of the experience is parading the wreckage here in the hopes of giving warning to others. On the other hand i'm probably giving it more respect than it deserves by even bothering to do that much.

So what's the story? Well appararently a bunch of shaking pencil drawn still frames caused the end of the world through natural disasters. For some inexplicable reason these natural disasters include a bonus nuclear apocalypse. Perhaps those in charge felt they might as well go with the flow? Anyway, as can be expected the world has become a nightmare place of huge, perverted mutants, excessive violence, and nutters possessing magical martial arts....yadda, yadda, yadda. In amongst this are two youths who have inherited demon armor (more or less). One wants to protect the innocent while the other turns female and mad and decides to exterminate humanity (apparently one member at a time). Laid over this lame excuse for whatever crud the creator could come up with is a school trying to be normal. In other words it's full of students to get eaten and ripped apart by monsters, killed by the insane youth and protected by the other. In the end they fight, and the good one over.

It's almost entertaining to try and guess what the creators thought would sell this incredibly lame crap. There's cybernetic / demon armor but it looks seriously lame. If you took a C-budget `guy in silly suit' armor and animated it you'd get something that looks like this. There's 30 foot tall `humorously' obscene, violent and insane `mutants' for him to fight which are just loathsome. Then there's excessive (really excessive) gore. It's exactly what you'd expect from losers too sad to have a single original idea or even the most minimal signs of taste. I guess I can't give the horror without an example (sob), but (many deletions later) I find I can't bring myself to do that. It's crude, it's ugly and it's just completely without any merit whatsoever. Needless to say story and character are noticeable only by their absence.

I guess if you've got no taste yourself you might try and enjoy the action. Although there's something seriously wrong with the character design, looking very strange indeed, and the world design is feeble and careless. The whole style is minimal, drab and quite ugly. The monsters themselves being basically animated (bad / smutty) jokes. Even when it tries to be gory it can't really manage it, trying to make up in energy what it lacks in style or detail. The action is simplistic and full of the familiar `silly' attacks...however I am forced to admit it's better animated than it deserves to be. But then, I don't think there was ever any reason to animate this. Clearly someone calculated that doing a `video nasty' could still turn a buck no matter how awful it was. Perhaps some people who like really crap movies might want to see this, but anyone who likes anime will just be weeping that such a sorry sample exists and that money (regardless of amount) was wasted on it. And, if you disagree with me, please feel very free to keep your problems to yourself.

Apparently the jokes on me again, as this is supposedly going to be commercially released in America...sigh.

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