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Knights of Ramune


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  • seen: 1-4 of 6
  • type: OAV
  • grade: flawed
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    • This title may offend the sensitive.
  • genre: hentai
  • made: unknown
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Ensign! Give me ecchi factor 9! The opening shot involves an improbably proportioned `holy virgin' experiencing a ritual called `psychic saturation' which involves a lot of gasping, sighing and swaying in a diaphanous see through robe. Apparently underwear interrupts the holy power, as does restricting the chest. Are you buying this? Is anyone? And this is just the first minute, there's a lot more where that comes from. The plot involves two temple maidens who are sent to rescue the fourth holy warrior of Ramune. Sadly once they get there they find that the guy who has claimed the title appears to be an evil, genocidal and misogynistic piece of work. Needless to say his spaceship is crewed by a lot of male extras and a bunch of minimally dressed females with names like `liquer', although since the hero's are Parfait, Cocoa and Lemon I guess they're in no position to laugh. Needless to say he has his crew well under the heel (literally) and enjoys sexually assaulting them for their `failures'. Fine, he is the bad guy, but we understood that the first time, multiple occurences are simply an excuse to offer an exercise in voyeurism.

Why does this bug me so much? because the ecchi is so dominant as to overshadow any positive aspects of this title. For example at one point a character is getting tortured, which the animators take as an excuse to get some chest jiggle shots, yuck. The background plot looks like it might have had promise, and some of the characterisation and story, while far from subtle, is good fun and the animation is clean and modern. There's action as well, but this is also poorly handled with a stolen mecha that appears to be immune to damage being only one of the unbelievable aspects (the fact that it is driven while sitting naked in something looking a lot like a bath should go without saying). You can do your best to enjoy this as lightweight `fun' but if you don't enjoy obvious attempts to present as much female anatomy as possible don't bother. Of course if you like babes, boobs and bangs in large servings then this should be right up your alley.

The ever-reliable Lord Carnage is there to give the other side of the story in this short review suggesting that you "enjoy an hour of silly, T&A-laced fun. Recommended". However `Herself the Elf' (carnage's offsider) is less than impressed. I know who I agree with on this one. Needless to say with stuff this shallow and eploitative it has a western release.


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