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  • seen: 1-2 of 6
  • type: OAV
  • grade: burnable
  • Other elements of this title:
    • Contains explicit sexual content.
    • This title should offend everyone.
    • This title has been commercially released in Australia.
  • form: sub
  • source: Anime 18
  • Series state: Don't intend to watch more.
  • genre: hentai
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Wed Feb 21 12:16:58 EST 2001
  • mod: none

Let me make this clear...while I try to be relatively open minded about hentai this is the sort of trash that tempts me to discount the whole genre. The only reason it has a review is because (cringe) I keep seeing people buying it at the local anime store (on DVD no less). Heck, the store even has "La Blue Girl" T-shirts! And thus it gets a review.

In essence this is designed, from start to finish, to be a tentacle movie...something the packaging makes clear. It also involves ninja's and, perhaps most disturbingly, humor. Anyway we meet a `cute' 18 year old girl (still at high school though) who is secretly being trained in ninja sex-craft. Apparently the leaping around and mastery of weapons is the easy stuff. She's also informed that she's the inheritor of the clans most potent weapon, as well as it's on going feud with another ninja clan. The weapon is a compact that binds a contract with demons, who can be set onto any target and will either eat it, rape it, or both. Of course the first thing that happens is that the compact is stolen by the other clan.

In the end, after a fair number of tentacle rape scenes, it all ends up in a big fight in the demons realm. And, strangely enough, it's the demons who end up being caught in the middle of this battle. Along the way the lead character realises her history is intrinsically linked to the demon realm. But look, the plot is really pretty simple, and it's just an excuse. It's also almost identical to the manga...not that this is a good thing.

What's strangest about it is that it's really suprisingly silly for something that wants to be about, and includes, scenes of demonic tentacle rape. It's partly as if the creators couldn't even take it seriously themselves...or alternatively they're demonstrating their inability to craft humor. It's sort of like a sketchpad where there's various hentai scenes they want, and they've simply sketched in the shortest paths between them.

Unlike the power of Urotsukidoji, which is simply brooding and perverse, this is truly pointless. The characterisations and dialog is shallow as anything, and some of the lines are truly shockers. There's also a lack of `effect' to all the actions. For example when both sisters are (corn mode on) "abused and degraded by the tentacles of beasts from the depths of hell" one can't stop making sarcastic comments and the other enjoys it. Likewise when a basketball team is kidnapped and made to perform a perverted magical ritual it doesn't seem to bug anyone at all. It's this sort of careless unreality that makes this most if the events being portrayed are just `a bit of fun'. And don't get me started on super-deformed hentai, a comic ninja sidekick or some of the `jokes'.

While I can visualise certain anime neanderthals getting a thrill out of the `cheerful excessiveness' of some of the scenes there's very little erotic potential here. Partly because there's no characters of note, no one takes it seriously, and the scenes are short and badly animated. Although, to be fair, the whole series is badly animated so they're not being singled out. There's some very strange anatomy to the characters, some poor action sequences and minimal backgrounds. And the demons have all the menace and terror of drunken footballers (which admittedly is fairly scary in a way). There's lots of still frames, poor motion and bad design. The voices are very average. The music almost needs a review of it's own. It's somewhere between chintzy elevator music and bad console game sounds, awful.

In conclusion, while this OAV has quite a reputation, and i'm sure the vendors and some fans talk it up, there's really nothing of value or interest in this series. It's silly, it's light and it's pointless. I'd love to know what the people who buy it think they're getting...and how they feel when they see the truth.

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