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  • type: OAV
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It's wonderful when you pick up a forgotten tape with a name you don't know and find something that is suprisingly good. This anime teaches an important lesson, that being, when you are offered power, even if you need it to defend your kingdom, read the fine print first. The story follows the `tom-boy princess' Luna as she not only gains awesome power, but has to live with the `changes' that power causes on her. In addition this power also involves her in a much greater conspiracy which she cannot avoid. That this conspiracy also involves meeting various opponents at her new power level should not come as a suprise.

This is set in a fantasy world, and the power level is set at the Godzilla and epic destruction end of the scale. At the same time there is a very large cast of largely interesting characters, including a huge berserker muscle-bound hero who has decided Luna is the only worthy opponent he's met. His attempts to fight her cause almost as much destruction as the powered up Luna, but are generally played for laughs. Indeed there is a lot of humor in this series although it is largely physical. Other characters are expressions of a well designed world, including two `beast' people (here, fluffy) and sorcerors who fight via summoning monsters, but seem to fight most of the battle with their delusional ego's.

Even though the running time is relatively short, and a lot of that is destruction filled combat, these characters are actually suprisingly well brought out. The voices are excellent (lots of Kimagure Orange Road voice actors) and the writing, although not called on to do much, is fairly solid. The animation is perhaps in a slightly dated style but is actually very good, with a rich palette of colors and a good ability to animate action...of which there is quite a lot. So, fast paced adventure coupled with massive destruction and physical humor along with reasonable characterisation, what more could you ask for? Well, you could ask for a bit more depth, but why not just relax and enjoy the ride this anime offers.

You're going to have to take my word for it, because none of the sites I source from has a review of this title.


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