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Macross: Attack of the Bionoids


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I hereby award myself the medal for "meritorious masochism" for actually sitting through this entire movie, a feat I feel few others could manage. Admittedly I had to take frequent breaks while I kick-started my brain. Why is it so bad? well let me make it clear that this review has nothing to do with the original anime that was turned into this frankenstein. At some point in time this was a robotech movie, with the fairly cool design and the characters robotech fans have come to like. The art and animation are acceptable, although in an older style and a bit variable in parts. This includes the low-frame choppy action familiar to fans of the TV series.

And then it was dragged, probably kicking and screaming, into the studio and sytematically turned into one of the most idiotic anime travesties I have ever seen. The first thing that strikes you is the sound quality, I haven't heard such bad sound production since `fast food fighters' and that was a many generation copy of a fan dubbed production, this is supposedly a professional commercial tape. The music, which sadly features in the movie, is made worse than it is by the awesomely bad production. Then there are the voices which appear to belong to non-native english speakers. The accents and intonations, and even the lines themselves had best be taken as parody to avoid any possible thought that this was ever attempting to be a serious production. A written review can not express the full terror of this production, which robs any possibility of becoming involved in the story.

This is followed by a realisation that the story has almost certainly been completely re-written, badly, and a strong suspicion that the animation has probably likewise been cut and pasted into some semblance of a movie. If I can find the original source for this movie i'll watch it, and I feel for the original creators, but this piece of trash should only be used as an implement of pain. It horrifies me that this is widely available in Australia (the store I borrowed from had two copies!). I honestly wonder how many potential anime fans have been put off by this video, and am tempted to burn it and tell the store I lost it.

The web seems to indicate that `Macross : do you remember love?' is the original title. The anime critic is much nicer in this review than I would have believe possible...but it still comes down to, "this movie is very poor". The fine folks at THEM have a review which identifies the dub as being by a team of Japanese and Australians as an education resource...I'm so embarassed. Their final summary? "All in all, you'd probably be better off leaving this one on the shelf". Good advice.


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