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  • alias: Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala
  • seen: 1-8 of 26
  • type: TV
  • grade: worthy
  • genre: shoujo
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    • This title is a personal favourite.
  • made: unknown
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What a pleasant suprise, I was expecting a lame magical girl series, and got something far more on the shoujo side of the fence. The series has all the familiar trappings of a magical girl series, but like Hime Chan's Ribbon use these to support a shoujo story without (presently) a villain. The center figure is Miho, a cute young 9 year old girl who unwittingly becomes the owner of two magic creatures. In exchange for feeding them they offer her a magic pen. This pen lets her draw items (she has dreams of being a famous manga artist) and magically create them. These are generally clothes for her other power which is the ability to transform into an older (15 year old) girl. The combination of older body and childish innocence seems to be a strong formula and the older form (who takes the name Lala) may well be on the way to fame, leaving Miho to deal with the complexity of living two lives. Added to this is a mysterious figure who sometimes seems to watch over and assist Miho (who she names Mr. Mysterious), some strange visions of the past she has and her interactions with her family and schoolmates and she definitely has an interesting path ahead of her. The writing is good, calmly paced and willing to develop slowly with some nice dialog and believable situations. The animation is quite reasonable although not trying to be too flashy. The original voices are very well picked, and both forms of Miho are very cute. A promising start to what looks to be a very solid series.

Lord Carnage lets his shoujo side escape (again) and gives a very positive review. I think someone borrowed his review (or vice versa) as i'm sure I've read this text before.


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