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Miracle Girls


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  • seen: 1-4 of 51
  • type: TV
  • grade: watchable
  • genre: magic_girl
  • made: 1993
  • Review created: Recently, but I didn't record the date.
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Here we go, its another slow moving but occassionally charming shoujo series. In this case we follow two red-headed high school girls, one physically capable, caring and balanced and the other intelligent, intense and obsessive. They're both cute and have to deal with the familiar teenage problems of school, boys, and possessing awesome psychic powers. Okay, perhaps the last one is not so common, but it seems to be a common problem for anime high school heroines. In addition to their powers they have one (1) strange happening, namely the blooming of two sets of flowers that enhance psychic power. Needless to say they get one set and a one (1) suspicious conspiracy (tm) has the other. Being the deluxe edition you also get a mythological legend thrown in, absolutely free!

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be sarcastic, but you can't help feel you've seen something very similar before. Although in this case it is a nice touch that the girls already have powers when the show starts, and simply find an enhancer. Heck, these girls have even told their best male friends about them (and when your girlfriend can avoid you by teleporting away things can get difficult). On the other hand the familiar shoujo pleasure of watching the characters, events and dialogue are still as entertaining as ever for the patient. And the story threads promise future revelations, although the series seems in no particular hurry. The writing is strong enough, and the events interesting enough, but I suspect only resolute shoujo fans will be interested in seeking this out.

The animation is exactly what you'd expect from shoujo animation, which actually helps in making it hard to date. It has the simple character designs and background, with pleasant simple coloring expected of this type of material. The technical design is dodgy and simplistic and the action is largely absent. The moments of `strange' and atmosphere are quite well done, but certainly not going to impress on animation skill alone. The voices seemed quite nice and the music was pleasantly forgettable.

Well, what do you know, Lord Carnage has a review of this title, although if you want positive comments read on for herself the elf's comments. Either way, it doesn't seem this anime is going to set the world afire.


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