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Lets get something out of the way first. This movie is known by fans as `plastic nipple' and denounced on that basis. There are three scene's of detailed and lovingly animated `chestal' nudity, which is quite pretty but fairly unneccesary. If that destroys any hope of taking an anime seriously then abandon ship at this point.

The story of this anime is fairly simple, as befits the quite short running time. In the future on another world a young girl gets to watch her father gunned down as she escapes from a lab. She carries a secret that the military will kill to capture. Luckily she runs into Tyita, the young but capable captain of a hunting ship who can't help but get involved, even if it puts her and her crew directly against the powerful military.

Most other elements of this anime are well done, but the first thing that will grab your attention is the animation, it is unusual but very attractive. A lovely merging of line and color. Likewise the characters are good, the dialog being wonderful at compressing character into relatively few words, and the world and technical design is strong. There are some very nice action scenes to keep the plot plowing forward, although some generousity is required to believe that the hunters survive the final combat. Still, not offensively unbelievable, and it is made clear that the hunters are a capable bunch.

The nudity, and possibly the opening violence, gained this film an R rating in Australia (although the sub-titles help hide a lot being white on a black background). However the nudity is presented calmly and without comment so that it is not particularly erotic and can, with proper mindset, simply be allowed to float past without invalidating the fact that this is a very attractive and well produced anime. I must also say that the Australian version has a much nicer cover than the american tape.

The Anime Movie Guide notes its attractiveness and that it is, "one of the most reviled OAV's amongst politically correct fan groups". There is a very short review at Akemi's AnimeWorld which is fairly positive and identifies it as typical of the author. The anime critic isn't bothered by the nudity, but is by the fragile plot in this rather pointed review. The folks at THEM who are sufficiently uptight that they can only write `plastic nipple' in very small font still find this a light but enjoyable watch in this review, and no-where near as ecchi as the box-cover suggests. Once again I am proud to proclaim that the Australian Box makes no mention of any such thing. Take a bow Kiseki.


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