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This is sold as a movie, but it would be more honest to call it a long OAV episode. This movie features an all female pirate group in their futuristic star ship the Sol Bianca (safely more futuristic than the opposition as well). They've decided to steal two kilograms of the super-valuable material `pasha'. This is not a problem until another pirate group decides it wants the mineral as well, at which point hostilities start and the sci-fi action takes over. And if you thought the crew was casual in the first anime this one should amaze you. The girls have dropped the armor and seem to have a total inability to plan. This could be taken as `cool', but it really just feels like lazy writing. This is not helped by some `glossed over' escapes which make no sense when you think about it. Still, there are some interesting threads to the past and future developed (but unsatisfied) and an interesting sub-story involving an attack on the ships computer.

The animation is signficantly nicer than that in Sol Bianca, the characters continue to grow into their archetypes and the world and tech design is good. The action scenes are also nicely handled, although perhaps not that logical. However it is far too short to achieve depth and the writing is not as strong as it could have been. Bonus points for including a whole lot of design sketches after the show, but negative points for the `weapon that is deadly to anyone wearing clothes'...please. I believe these two videos were promising enough that more Sol Bianca is in production (6 OAV episodes?) and I look forward to a longer series to see the interesting world and characters continue to grow.

Wow, there's a review at Akemi's AnimeWorld that must be about the same size as the script! I think she liked it :) although she warns there is less action than in the first. There's a generally positive review from the anime critic calling it, "more of the same", including the massive over-confidence. Also mentions the unresolved plot threads as an annoyance.


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