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  • seen: 1-5
  • type: TV
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  • made: unknown
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The lead character, the cool sorceror Orphen (how did he get a modern leather jacket in a fantasy series?) looked really familiar to me. Sure he follows the tradition of young, rough but sensitive types who wield powerful magic like a six-gun, but it was something more. Then I realised that he looks and acts (and sounds) exactly like Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin. Anyway, said sorceror has been bumming around a town for a year, and has picked up various hangers on in that time including an gentle and empathic male apprentice (even Orphen needs money) an energetic and forward young girl (a potential swordswoman methinks) and two comedy relief dwarfs constantly plotting Orphens demise as a way of clearing their debt to him.

The plot explodes into action when a powerful dragon-like beast, which is intelligent and has ties to Orphen's past, enters the scene. This is followed by other sorcerors who consider Orphen to be somewhat of a renegade. Complicating things further is a powerful relic sword containing an unknown power and in theory belonging to the young girl. This background story, still mysterious at episode 5, looks to be the linking thread, although the various supporting characters appear to be more than capable of stealing the limelight and focus for entire episodes. This sort of fantasy with a modern feel should be familiar to anime watchers, but the interesting characters and longer story threads hold the promise of a superior anime resulting.

The animation is good, trying for the gritty and complex feel rather than bright and cheerful, and the sorcerous combats are very active and physical, and thus fun to watch. The development of the world and the characters appears to be proceeding, but this anime shows all signs of being willing to take its time.


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