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  • alias: Uchu Kazoku Carlbinson
  • type: movie
  • grade: watchable
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Recently, but I didn't record the date.
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Feel free to replace movie with single OAV episode, as 45 minutes is a fairly short movie. Indeed this duration has a large effect on how much is attempted in this movie, making it seem either playful or pointless depending on how much it appeals to you. The story concerns an inter-galactic travel accident, which leaves a varied bunch of alien actors with a hole in the ground and an orphaned child from an unknown race (guess who). The actors decide to embark on their master-work by playing the part of her family until she can be claimed by others from her race. Of course to the young girl it seems quite reasonable that mommy is a puffball and daddy is a combat mecha and she comes to love them both.

Does the plot sound simple? well, it is. The story is unashamedly domestic and low-key as the various aliens play their roles in the childs growth. The start of kindergarten, school athletics day and other such events are the focus of this show. There are some periods of danger, and a fitting event to serve as a conclusion, but those hoping for action, danger and epic adventure are going to be left in the cold. Likewise while the aliens are interesting, including a cat-girl (always a good sign) the duration and focus reduce the amount of character work that is attempted (although daddy the calm combat mecha is way cool). The story ends when corona is five, which is somewhat disappointing and also reduces her chance to develop into a full fledged character.

Still, some pleasant scenes and reasonable scripting makes this a pleasant watch. The animation is fairly old and not amazingly detailed, but given the story is more than adequate. The story and dialog are low-key but acceptable and the characters are good to the extent they are developed. There are some moments that have charm, but it too is fairly reserved. A reasonable watch, but too short and too simple to really aspire to classic status.


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