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  • type: TV
  • grade: archaic
  • made: 1975
  • Review created: Recently, but I didn't record the date.
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This one almost escapes from the crypt on the basis of it actually being quite enjoyable. On the other hand there is no denying this is archaic anime. It also has a `family friendly' formulaic plot, which tends to drag it down a bit. The story involves a group of people who seem nice enough, but must be mad. This is because the scientist of the group has just finished a time machine in the shape of a giant beetle (complete with ladybug scout craft). The rest of the crew consists of young adventurous male, young (fairly helpless) girl and wind up robot. For some reason the two young guys have go-go spacesuit styled outfits, complete with strange helmets that make them look like they have brassiers on their head. The scientist tests the machine out, but when it comes back all it contains is a talking parrot (that's run away from its overbearing parrot wife). Following the very unreliable information provided the team have no option but to travel through time searching for the lost creator. At every turn they are hampered by a criminal trio with a time machine of their own who believe the parrot could also be the guide to immense wealth.

I think even from this description you can see how things are going to play out. And the writing is not out to suprise. Instead it promises some light comedy and a healthy serving of action over the top of some historical setting. Still, at least there's no danger of it being seen as educational, because the historical settings are pretty mixed up. And then after both teams time machines have fought it out they can return to the present ready for the next try. The fact that they cheerfully disrupt history, and that their chances of randomly stumbling across their target seem minimal are allowed to fall by the wayside...after all, they're only excuses for some lightweight fun. While this simple plot, writing and action has allowed it to age quite well, it also means that it was probably never too amazing in the first place.

The design for this show is weird, as you can guess. The strange outfits and child's picture book machinery give it a retro look that may well appeal to afficianadoes of retro anime. This combines with the action which has all the subtlety of a child wacking toys together. There are a lot of explosions, strange gadgets and weapons but of course no one is actually hurt. While the design and coloring are very simple it is actually quite solidly animated, with the technical skills and production being sufficient for the target set. This is another factor that makes it more watchable than some of the more `ambitious' titles from this time. So, a pleasant enough watch considering its age, but also a fairly lightweight and forgettable title. Also interesting is what could be some very early computer effects.

None of my regular sources have a review for this title, but that's not really a suprise.


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