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  • seen: 1-2 of 2
  • type: OAV
  • grade: watchable
  • genre: erotica
  • source: kitty
  • form: sub
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Tue Apr 3 16:32:24 EST 2001
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Erotica warning...this material contains sexually explicit content. Why am i using the term erotica rather than hentai? Easy, that's because while this anime includes sex it is not perverse (the literal meaning of hentai) to any but the most arch-conservative.


It's Japan in the near future...and boy have they got a grim view of things. It seems that society is once again on the brink of collapse and crime is rampant throughout society. Coupled with cutbacks in funding it seems the police are no longer able to cope with the problem. This has led to the growth of `private' police forces that those with money can subscribe to (and get a free sports bag, as the add says) in order to get protection. Although private forces can be just as underfunded and erratic as any government department.

We get to see one young female cop who must be pretty proficient as she's been working in the Shinjuku precinct, now one of Japan's no-go areas (in reality the major shopping strip in Tokyo). She's been transferred to the mobile platoon (read mecha squad) that is the companies front line against the more highly armed criminals. The rest of the squad include a mecha otaku, a female commander, a gung-ho type and a rather `relaxed' female squad member. And running it all is a handsome and talented manager who, due to budget cuts, is often forced to work closely with his troops.


But obviously that's not really the focus. While it sticks to the story, and does develop it, most of the time is spent on the `interaction' between the members of the group. And this being an erotic tape, and their being 3 males and 3 females, it's not just conversation. Indeed I must admit (blushing furiously) that this is probably the most explicit depiction of sex i've seen in any anime. While a lot of hentai has a digital filter to blur the detail I was honestly suprised at the absence of one here. This is definitely not for the prudish (continues blushing).

That said it meets my requirements for reviewing. While there is a rape scene at the start of the first tape, in order to demonstrate the extent of the crime problem, it is not glorified in any way. From that point on all sex is consensual and human. There's even a case where one of the females (politely) rejects an advance in order to avoid disrupting a relationship...shock! In addition there's even a story within this, with the lead character being very shy of sex and the male otaku largely oblivious. And their solving of this problem does form a story element in the anime.

I can't honestly say that the story is that great. With only two tapes, and it not being the real focus of the (cough) action it's actually fairly basic. More sketching out the other events within the squad than being entertaining in it's own right. But what it does do is establish the characters and the scene. This means that we do get to feel for the characters, which means that the erotic potential of the tape is character based rather than just about an anonymous depiction of the sexual act... and this makes it much more potent (blushes again).

So in essence if you want anime erotica, which is explicit but not perverted, this might well be a title worth checking out. If you don't then the story and characters, while solid, are going to be too minimal to make it worthwhile. The production for it is solid, the mecha are well designed, the feeling of a believable world is well done, the characters are interesting and attractive and the sex is...detailed... (blushes again). Even the voices are quite decent (and it's nice to see one not awfully dubbed...even if only by not being dubbed at all).

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