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Tonde Boorin


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  • alias: Superpig
  • seen: 1-4 of 51
  • type: TV
  • grade: watchable
  • genre: magic_girl
  • made: 1994
  • Review created: A while ago, i'll revise it eventually.
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Ah, another day, another magical girl show, but this one has a twist in its tail. We start with the aggressively energetic schoolgirl Karin as she rushes to school, late once again. On the way to school she discovers a strange unconscious creature which she tries to assist. The creature rewards her with a magical compact which grants her magical powers for the good of all. The problem, as Karin is distressed to discover, is that her magic only allows her to transform into a super-powered pig. Karin likes being a hero, and finds an alter-ego occassionally useful in her private life, but is less than thrilled about being a flying pink pig. Still, she is promised that when she collects 108 pearls for doing good deeds (which she often loses for using the power for personal aims) she'll have the chance to re-model her super-powered form.

To extend this plot there are also the expected classroom antics, romantic interests and obsessed rivals to complicate her life. Sadly the material is as light weight as this basis might lead you to believe. Karin herself is fun, unruly and tomboyish, but this is fairly familiar territory, and the plots and writing, while energetic, are fairly simple and predictable. The attempt at visual humor and puns is not amazingly successful while the whole flying pig bit gets tired quickly. There is not much assistance from the animation either, which is simple and sketchy. Still, if you are in the mood for a light-hearted diversion, or really like high school comedies, this could be quite an enjoyable watch.

Supposedly this was a very popular series throughout Asia when it was released, with lots of pig merchandise to go with it.


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