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Irresponsible Captain Tylor: Tylors War, Lonely War


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This might be called `Tylor's War, Lonely war', but I'm not certain. Anyway this is a movie set after the events in the TV series which is reviewed elsewhere. The sometimes serious, sometimes laughable but always intriguing Justy Tylor is back, along with the rust-bucket destroyer the Soyokaze and its `interesting' crew. This time they've got an important secret mission in the ongoing war with the ralgon, can Tylor handle this with tact, diplomacy and ruthless efficiency? The answer is fairly obvious to anyone who has seen any of the series, and true enough the story immediately goes off the rails, with both sides in the conflict, the crew and the audience all uncertain of what is going on.

Sadly those who have read the TV series review will notice the statement about the ending being very fitting, thus this movies attempt to sew up all the loose ends is not actually that welcome. The more somber atmosphere and serious events drive away much of the humor while the pace required to tell this story removes much of the playful atmosphere that was so much fun in the original. In addition the large cast, who are in many ways the stars of the series, are very limited in how much screen time they get. The movie is not bad, certainly competently written and directed and it does add to the Tylor story, but whether it was wise to attempt a conclusion is open to question. I also wonder what people who haven't seen the TV series will make of it.

The animation is a bit more complex than the TV series, but doesn't `move' quite as well, and is not particularly cinematic. Those who like conclusions, or who longed for a more serious Tylor, or even those desperate for more Tylor in any form, will probably enjoy this movie but I would suggest seeing the TV series first if possible.


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