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  • seen: 1-8
  • type: mini
  • grade: flawed
  • made: unknown
  • Review created: Recently, but I didn't record the date.
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Heaven only knows what's special about it, because this is terrible stuff. In a fashion to the similarly loathsome `Mini-Goddesses' these are short (10 min or less) OAV episodes using the YUA characters. Some of the stories are taken from the manga, while some others are novel. However given the very short running time none of them are very interesting at all. Unlike the movie these stories are quite small in scope and action, in a manner similar to those in the YUA manga.

While this is not a bad thing, the problem is that the writing is terribly unsubtle even before the time limitation is considered. And given that a 10 minute story (maybe even shorter) is so limiting this lack is continually on show. Basically, if you knew only this material, you would think that the two lead characters are violent and aggressive police chicks. One of them likes beating people up, while one makes offensive gadgets and likes giving people electric shocks. They spend most of their time being `female' (read, giving fan service) or dealing with sexist, perverted men (read, more fan service). While this is an element of the YUA Manga it is a very shallow and narrow representation of the charm and character the manga contains. As such this is a terrible travesty, in addition to being very dull in its own right. Don't buy this without watching it, because I doubt you'll want to see it twice. For myself, I didn't even want to see it once.

Certainly the animation is nothing special. It is worse than the original OAV's, perhaps a tiny bit better than the TV series. The action is limited, and the events are illogical in order to cram the needed events into the given time. The character art is fine, but in line with the `gag strip' feeling there is quite a lot of strange facial expressions. The voices are fine, I assume the same as the TV, but the dialog is dull and unexciting. The atmosphere is completely absent and the attempts at humor are woefully unsuccessful. Shallow, stupid and derivative in all aspects.

None of the other sites I source from has a review of this...lucky them.


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